I don’t like words. There are a poor facsimile of communication. I find the laugh of a child or the gasp of exhilaration to be much truer forms of expression. But as words are all I currently have at my disposal, I will do the best I can.

Google defines amazing as:

causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing.

Which causes me to also say that Google defines astonishing as:

extremely surprising or impressive; amazing.

And without spending too much time on the synonymic loop of those two definitions, I hope I’ve come to give you the barest hint of Ainsley as a person. And to lay the foundation of what makes her so great.

I won’t go into how long I’ve had the luxury of knowing Ainsley, because anyone who has met her, even for a few minutes tends to feel blessed. The people that don’t feel blessed are cold and live dark and sad lives. She is absolutely one of the most, ahem, amazing people you will ever meet. Should you have that great fortune.

She is Smart

It’s amazing to watch her brain process. She will take a concept and deconstruct it. Having had the pleasure of witnessing this several times, I liken it to a master craftsperson finding a new object and slowly and thoroughly acknowledging its properties. Its elements. Its purpose and intent. And then once she understands it, she will offer suggestions for improvements, and probe continually for new facets and aspects of it, until she understands those too. She chose to study humans and their conditions, which says more about her willingness for a challenge than anything else. But it also gives her something that is forever fluid and worthy of her attention.

She is Brave

Bravery tends to require making the right choice when it’s not the the easy one. When it’s not the pleasant one. When it’s not the popular one. And I have seen Ainsley make choices of that sort several times now, and yet each time I marvel at her and her ability to keep making the one that doesn’t appease everyone. But the one that is right.

And what is more, is that she sticks to her courage and her convictions in the face of time. When it is easy to fall back and explain away everything as a mistake or a rash judgement. She sticks to the high road, and while I may not always have the courage myself to walk that same path, it is a marvel to witness.

She is Beautiful

I will make no vain attempts in trying to describe the beauty of her soul. Words would do no justice. But if you were in need of an example of pure beauty, I would tell you that you have not cause to look further than her.

She is My Friend

There are things a person does that cement their friendship and importance in your life. The small things of answering texts and emails. The bigger things of drinks, and dinners, and concerts. But there are those moments. Those moments that when you were too weak to stand on your own. Those moments when you were stumbling over yourself. Those moments when the fight was too much to bear. Those are the moments when she has helped me stand, carried me, and taken up the fight in my place.

Ainsley is one of the best friends I have ever had. And with all the other things I have been blessed with in this life, I will count her amongst the very best of them.

She deserves more than just words on a page. One of many in this great series of tubes. But I hope she reads this, and it brings a smile to her face.

This website is a work in progress and will be updated and refined.